WL//WH Track Of The Day : ELECTRO IN BLACK “The Search For Love That Came To Nothing”

Track Of The Day Electro in Black

London-based Electro In Black is the darkwave/coldwave solo project of dark troubadour Sebastian Alexsander, masterly combining lyrics infused with ‘longing, melancholy and nostalgia’ with dense and gloomy electronic soundscapes and forlorn vocals creating something equally warm and heartfelt.
A 6-track debut album, titled “Love Has Never Called Ever”, has just been released.

Themes of isolation, fear, and failure engulf the lyrics and the shadowy and murky atmosphere of “The Search For Love That Came To Nothing”. Intense droning beams of bass relentless wave in and out bolstered by repetitive drumbeats combined with obsessive clicking kicks, at time wounded by harrowing, mournful synth melodies to convey the absolute emptiness of an inner loveless wasteland embedded by sorrowful, shamed baritone vocals of pity, pain, and lonliness.

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