WL//WH Track Of The Day: DESTRUCTION RACE “Unify”


The 2o minutes long 2-track single,Unify / System, via UK independent label Just Step Sideways, is the first foray by Destruction Race, the new solo project of T.E. Brierley, head of London-based guitar-driven post-Punk noiseniks Beige Banquet, who embraces edgy, alienating and futuristic synth sounds, repetitive krautrock rhythmic patterns, and clattering industrial percussive backdrops, to undertake a lonely late-night ride, relentlessly moving towards unknown destinations of doomed collapse.

Rooted in Krautrock and No-Wave, Destruction Race’s lo-fi trance-inducing visceral sound incorporates elements from late ’70s/early ’80s minimalistic electronic experimentalists such as Vice Versa, Clock DVA, Cabaret Voltaire, and hovering paranoid ghosts of Suicide.

“Unify” is laced with compelling lyrics that numbly suffer in a dystopic realm of mental capitulation, where words and facts distort, decay, and destroy.

An urgent doom-laden call to “Unify” manifests stringent industrialized blasts, dangerous oscillating bass line menace, hypnotic motorik beat reiterations, and droning, piercing synth alarms into a rushing, continuous, chugging flux, rippling in and out of a hallucinatory pathway along with cold stoic vocals, delivering distressed omens of destruction, gripping and disturbing at once.