WL//WH Track Of The Day: NATURAMORTA “Luna”


Naturamorta is a musical project founded in 2023 by Manuel Di Pierro, since some years an active musician of the Turin alternative scene.

The Italian act debuted last May with the double single, “Fiori morti / Nero”,  followed on June 26th by “Luna”, the first excerpt of the upcoming EP scheduled to be released in the Autumn.

Shifting between dreamy and ethereal sounds reminiscent of the most romantic moments of The Cure to the sinister and oppressive atmospheres of Deftones, Naturamorta blends effortlessly disparate elements of Shoegaze, Grunge, Psychedelia, Dark Wave, Electronica and Slowcore into a balanced mesmerising whole.

A moonlit love song swept in adoration, fear of abandonment and alienation.

Intimate reflective atmospheric soundscapes combined with subtle rhythmical electronics permeate ‘Luna’‘s slow and sinuous fluctuation over smooth, hypnotic broken beat patterns and underlying churning basslines, between brittle echoing wisps of spectral guitar chords, hazy, fuzzed-out vibrant contrails, fleeting undertows of distorted rippling tension, and bittersweet liquid synth-washed yearning visions, whilst soulful clear vocals deliver impassioned croons, layered with secret whispers, to bring forth intense feelings of romance and obsession.

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