WL//WH Track Of The Day: ALICE CREEK “Dandelion”

Track Of The Day  ALICE CREEK  

Alice Creek are five young daydreamers from Indonesia who concoct a captivating soul-soothing, breezy brew of Shoegaze and Indie Pop adorned with an enthralling heavenly vocal delivery.

After a promising debut tape EP “October”, in late 2022, the Palembang-based unit is back with the maxi single, “Dandelion”, via fellow small independent label Ear to Ear.

While not shying away from familiar Slowdive, and Lush’s early ’90s leanings, the two tracks are more than enough to get blissfully spellbound and lost in the band’s outpouring of heartfelt and endearing melodies.

The lead track, “Dandelion”, is about a caring soul who tries to get to know a loved one on a deep level whilst offering comfort, 

Evocative high-pitched dreamy vocals rise and fall through swirling and sweeping light fuzzed-out distortion weaved with spindly tendrils of swelling glistening guitars, warm humming basslines, and vibrant shuffling drums, in echoing harmonies of hope and joy

No less captivating and equally immersive “Addicted”, awash in reverberant guitar radiance and ethereal dulcet love obsessions.

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