WL//WH Video Of The Day: POTOCHKINE “Pogo”

Video Of The Day  Potochkine

French edgy EBM-charged darkwave duo Potochkine inject bouncing, kinetic and high-energy electronic body music paranoia, swathed in pogo, ecstasy and lust, into a dizzying video, directed by Paul-Emile Bertonèche, for the stormy new single “Pogo,” first preview from the forthcoming album “Sortilèges.”

Ominous pulsing bass tones drive a treacherous obsessive pace of teasing turbulence through a raving vortex of squealing frequency modulations, tight skipping dance beat asymmetry, and narcotic atmospheric dual vocalizations, layering heavy, male echo drone with mercurial female screams, into an orgasmic interplay of rambunctious hide and seek.

Up-close and personal camera angles distort reality with a barrage of erotic body contortions rooted in defiance and exhibitionism. A vigorous dose of strobe light hypnosis, freeze frame overlays, and time-lapse editing blurs consciousness over a punk-rock dance sequence with a carefully cast shadow walker, expanding alternate dimensions of outrage and jest perfectly in sync with the manic rhythm of the soundtrack.

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