WL//WH Video Of The Day: VANSEVEREN “The Secret”

Video Of The Day  VANSEVEREN  

After fifteen years of experience in theatre, musicals and live performances, the Parisian artist Günther Vanseveren makes his debut in the Darkwave scene, as VANSEVEREN, with the hypnotic and melancholic Coldwave single “The Secret” via Paris-based independent label Mother Solitude Records run by the Italo/French synth duo Echoberyl and produced by the band itself.

“The Secret” is a lie that reveals its emotional scars through a dramatic lyrical confessional, written by Arianna Todero, whose feelings of guilt, doubt, loss, and agony fester into an excruciating lonely darkness of the mind.

Hypnotic and melancholy ridden, “The Secret” triggers a warbly throbbing bassline to drive ominous relentless moods through punchy snare hits, sparse piercing guitar strings, and desolate fluttering swathes of icy bright synths, infusing a murky glow of doom around the pain-filled intensity of distraught brooding vocals, crooning sorrowful breathes of angsty gloom into an urgent undulation of heavy dread.

 The accompanying introspective DIY visuals suggest black and white recollections that blur time and space along a solo agonized walk of shame, invoking sharp contrasts of blinding truths and piercing deceptions to shape-shift shadows of secrecy into guilty confessions of regret. Universal symbols flow subliminally over glistening canal waves, desolate alleyways, and wandering footsteps to channel a reversal of fortune through the nocturnal forces of unforeseen fear. 

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