WL//WH Video Of The Day: MAYFLOWER MADAME “A Foretold Ecstacy” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day Mayflower Madame

A Foretold Ecstacy” is the intriguing first excerpt from the forthcoming anticipated third studio album, by Oslo, Norway-based highly esteemed band Mayflower Madame, comprised of Trond Fagernes (vocals, guitar, bass) and Ola J. Kyrkjeeide (drums), proof of the duo’s 

increasingly refined signature blend of Post-punk, Shoegaze and Psychedelia into a sharper soundscape distinguished by a pulsating, forceful rhythm section, atmospheric synths and reverb-drenched guitars that stab and shine.

Mixed and mastered by renowned Italian engineer Maurizio Baggio (The Soft Moon, Boy Harsher, The Vacant Lot), Mayflower Madame‘s still untitled LP is scheduled for release next October 2024, digitally via their own label Night Cult Records (Norway), on CD via Icy Cold Records (France) and on Vinyl via Only Lovers Records (France) and Up In Her Room (UK).

Photo by @varjestavelse

The lyrics speak about constantly chasing some sort of elation or intoxicating sensation to relieve one’s inner turmoil, while still being aware that it’s just a passing state followed by an inevitable downfall.According to singer and songwriter Trond Fagernes

Searching for comfort in another’s arms, rippling, poignant glistening guitar obsessions seep through a gripping shadowy aura of vibrant melancholia and doomed romanticism, swept by lonesome keyboard drifts, fueled by the steady vibrant churning of punchy drum beats and moody throbbing basslines, to somberly vibrate with magnetic haunted vocals, slipping helplessly into an unavoidable inner conflict with deep subconscious pain.

The Official Video, directed by Astrid Serck,  follows a young Mayflower Madame styled woman through a surreal realm of shifting backdrops to sync with the soundtrack’s ‘running away from problems’ theme. Curious burnt neon colour saturations cast a dark psychedelic vibe over a lost soul who runs, twirls and splits identity amid transformative primal animal imagery. You will also see brief live performance shots of Mayflower Madame shuffled with disorienting flows of motion and disturbing disassociative dancefloor flashbacks, bringing forth dueling emotions of bliss and impending doom.

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Photo by Miriam Brenne

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