WL//WH Track Of The Day: DEAR JAPAN “Fountains”

Track Of The Day  DEAR JAPAN

Dear Japan is an enigmatic group scattered between Hamburg, Northern Germany and Los Angeles, California, who craft an atmospheric, immersive, and nocturnal sound, both sinuous and vibrant, that lies somewhere between Dream-Pop, Trip-Hop, and Cold Wave infused Electronica, blending the ghostly and haunted tones of Portishead, the lush ethereal giddiness of the early 4AD, and the sometimes seductive slowness of Beach House and Mazzy Star.

The band return after about a 4-year hiatus from the well-received debut EP, “Hollow Hearted Hands”, with a new single, “Fountains”, where their natural penchant for essentiality and exploring ephemeral and mystifying sensory territories, that seamlessly blur dream and reality, evolve even more prominent.

Psychological lyrics steam in an angry sea of regret at the hands of a manipulative lover.

As usual, the band invites us to travel with the mind and imagination toward nebulous, bewitching downtempo sonic horizons of inner depth pervaded by a groveling restlessness.

Shadowy, seductive, and narcotic auras stir rustling gray stripes of rain that ceaselessly pour over steadily hypnotic smooth echoing rhythm patterns and subtly profound warm bass palpitations, stabbed by twinkling synth harp chords, unhurriedly waltzing wistfully in sync with fragile vocals, teetering between vulnerability and repressed anger, whist agonizing in dreary distorted waves of heartache and pain.

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