WL//WH New Music   Greek Synth Compilation [DYSTATIK]

So, here we have another excellent compilation release by the Athenian independent label DYSTATIK, founded by electronic producer dry_feel, and it’s about all the wonderful things happening in the Greek dark alternative scene in recent years. The new generation has come out with their synthesized weapons on their shoulders and with a little help from older acts (i.e. Convex Model in the compilation) they are pointing at you and me and all of us together in the pitch.

Some of these bands are already signed to European record labels while some others will follow the DIY motion until they drop. One thing is for sure, they all support each other as many of them are friends dancing the same dance at clubs afterhours.

DYSTATIK now offer a really cool compilation album that is most suitable to all of you who need a proper introduction to our scene and you can find names like Convex Model, Grey Gallows, Data Fragments, Kalte Nacht, Blakaut, Dramachine, Pointe Noire, Doric, and Ηλεκτώγλη (their name can be translated almost like “electrohole” or “electroden” or “electroburrow”.)

Synthesized bullets, epics, little stories, synth-punk music, minimal synth expeditions, the darkwave by all means; all songs in this compilation are really our lives in GR with all things that these artists love to mock and disgrace and dance our glorious decadence like in an endless party where the sun is ashamed to light in the morning. If you don’t know them already, the “Greek Synth Compilation” by DYSTATIK is the perfect starting point for you – it rocks!!!

The 9-track “Greek Synth Compilation” compilation is out now, on ltd. Cassette & Digital, via the DYSTATIK Label Bandcamp

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