WL//WH Video Of The Day: MENTHüLL “Pour Un Silence”

Video Of The Day MENTHüLL

Gatineau, Quebec, Canada’s dystopic Dark Wave duo Gabriel and Yseult, AKA Menthüll drop a stunning music video for the devotional new single “Pour un Silence”, a song “about the quest for calm and silence”.

A sentimental poem regarding travelling the French countryside in search of a disconnect from modern society, only to find a newfound love “Pour un Silence.

An intoxicating and bouncing synth-pop number with New Order-y low end flourishes, blending anxious icy bright synth strains, droning undulating basslines, and hypnotic marching beats, to carry the secret breathless desires of dual male/female vocals into a colourful skyscape of restless energies, playful melodies, twinkling bursts and distant cries to project a dancing dimension of beauty, peace, and awe onto the lyrical journey of French daydreams.

The minimal black and white video captures a moment of shared silence with the commanding majesty of the sea. Vast panoramic views captivate an edgy, black-clad couple whose soul-searching excursion invokes the simple yet overwhelming significance of a seashore. Grainy abstract textures, symbolic colours, and shifting shapes ignite a subconscious dialogue with the mind’s eye of interpretation, whilst precision choreography, keen editing skills, and thoughtful wardrobe bring an intimate retro-modern vibe to the frolicking foray of emotions.

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