WL//WH Video Of The Day: ONCE GRACE FOREVER “Rootless We Are”

Video Of The Day  Once Grace Forever

Started in 2018, Japanese DIY indie trio based in Tokyo, Once Grace Forever, comprised of Natsumi Suzuno (guitar, vocals), Lin Wolinski (bass, synth), and Haruka Takahashi (drums), pristinely hone shoegaze and post-rock with distinctive and heady results in the engaging video for the immersive new single “Rootless We Are”, with Taiga on supporting guitar.

“Rootless We Are” is infused with apocalyptic lyrics that use graphic metaphors swept in oppression, violence, and secrecy to abandon all hope in an invisible cell of “rootless” existence.

Eerie sad glistening guitar strings and a relentless subdued discordant backup forge obsessive wanderings around the breathless angst of intensely evocative female vocals rising and falling in the agony and ecstasy of broken dreams, whilst light skipping drum beats, bass pulses, and simmering moods slowly rise into chaotic melodies of overwhelming piercing riff-laden friction.

A dramatic video collage layers “slice of life” imagery, handwritten subtitles, and an attention-grabbing flow of motion into a powerful statement piece. Dystopic 5G electrical power surge set against a serene country mountainside creates a mysterious journey through an assortment of curiosities left scattered on the faceless horizons of abandoned fear.

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