WL//WH Video Of The Day : THE MOON ILLUSION “Coil”

Video Of The Day The Moon Illusion

Turkish ‘shoegaze loving post punk revivalists’ from Ankara, comprised of Tuna Akar (Vocals), Mertkan Akçalı (Guitars), Alper Önen (Bass) and Taylan Gürler (Drums), have just dropped the 2-track EP “Bedlam Stories” via Mezvu Records, following last end of the year self released debut single “Morning Commute”.
The band combine an intense and intriguing blur of shoegaze guitars doomed by goth-tinged forlorn vocals, epitomized by the new song “Coil”. Underpinned by sturdy, repetitive drums and low warm bass pulses, a wash of reverb infused atmospheric and hazy weightless dismal guitar lines set a subtle restrained feel of underlying unease and uncertainty and fluctuate around deep, edgy, desperate vocals rife with tension and uncertainty, floundering in dark murky waters of self-destruction.
The accompanied video creates a beautiful night landscape with lush trees, decaying leaves, and figures in different states of dress, emotion, and action. Waiting in a limbo, digitally enhanced with ‘magic pen’ effect, enlightens the stuck souls that are no longer flesh. Bright neon colors pulse and brighten, as lights and shadows change consistency and perception of the surroundings creating a scary mystery vibe with an surprise ending!  

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