WL//WH Video Of The Day: ULTRAVIOLENCE “Safari”

Video Of The Day Ultraviolence

“One of my proudest moments is I didn’t sell my soul for the sake of popularity.” Ultraviolence.

Following last February debut album “References”, Indonesian band ULTRAVIOLENCE based out of Malang is back with the new single/video “Safari”, soon to be released on very limited one-track 3inch via fellow DIY label Heavenpunks (available here).  

Fine purveyors of loud, pessimistic, romantic post-punk interspersed with coldwave and darkwave suggestions, the trio based around Maulana Akbar (vocals, guitar), Bayu Silalhi (bass), and new arrival Rizky Ramadhan (guitar, vocals) introduce a starkly minimalistic and visceral instrumental approach unrelentingly mounting deep anxiety and impending gloom.

Eerie, ominous synths throb as wickedly distorted guitar riffs slash through dull buzzing basslines and disturbed baritone vocals evoking fear and alarm. Hypnotic taut backbeats, interspersed with resonant claps, quick-fire to the bewitching melancholy of guitar melodies mimicked by the relentless intrusion of daring bass plunks merging dark pulsations into the dire soundscape of doom.

An occult record made of four stanzas, each with its own author is comprised of an isolated, witchy woman; her devious, heavy-drinking husband; their tormented spawn; and an obsessive, ritualist judgement. Each has something to reveal and all have hidden the truth. Their secrets hold the answers to a dark esoteric mystery waiting to be unveiled! 

With a flair for the dramatic, controversial black and white haunting visuals, directed by Miftah Zulfikar with the artistic by Qolby Syifa, involving a young family set against the backdrop of a somber night at school in the principal’s office wherein parents and children’s depressive actions become indistinguishable. A gloomy character driven tale with a morose setting and horrific plot uses shadow and light imagery, costume and makeup, and dark magic to create a heady, ominously harrowing atmosphere ripe in tension and fear.