WL/WH Song Of The Day : KONVOI ‘Cairo’

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To be honest I didn’t know about a post-punk trio, comprised of Sean Bos, Michael Duignan and Jay Salton, from Asheville, NC called Konvoi, until yesterday when a Facebook friend sent me the tip (thanx KK); ‘No Rifts’, out now on Baltimore’s Friends Records, is already their amazing sophomore album, how the fu** I did ignored them?

Few things make me completely addicted, I can’t reveal the others, but one is definitely the classic bloody warm, melodic, brooding post-punk bassline. ‘Cairo’ could be a clearest illustration of it, where the bass is its backbone and drive, add also to the exciting mix a bass-baritone Ian Curtis-like vocals and suggestive hazy atmospheric synth textures, and it’s my post-punk nirvana, from which I’ll take some time to recover.

No Rifts’ is overall a fantastic, engaging, quality and modern post-punk album that immediately got into my skin and will long remain there, I’m sure many others will too.

 The fact that my old Scots heroes Josef K are regarded as a main influence, makes it even more akin. Highly recommended!

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Written by Fabrizio Lusso.