WL//WH Video Of The Day: ECHO ADORE “Indecisions”

Video Of The Day ECHO ADORE

After last year’s highly promising debut single “Caught in History”, Perth, Western Australia duo Echo Adore, made of Damian Diggs (Lanark) and Oliver James (Mezzanine) are back with their sophomore single “Indecisions” and the accompanying video filmed and edited by Reece O’Connell, that develops further the band’s distinctive blend of gloom pop and melancholic indie rock, inspired by past greats like The Smiths, Interpol and The Church, steeped in immersive, lush and melodic sonic landscapes equally dark and atmospheric, emotional and cold.

Glittering guitar strings linger helplessly into light tapping beats turning to an off-tempo rumble, while airless feather-light male vocals layer breathless urgency onto sad, ethereal emotional cries, falling hopelessly between the warm, murky convoluted synth expansion’s gurgling frequencies and throbbing bassline rumbles.

Fatalist lyrics blend metaphors of self-destruction, spiritualism, and love into a tumultuous exorcism of the soul left drowning in “Indecisions.”

Dark red filters bleed doubt and suspicion along bound leather strips stretching symbolically across deserted Martian bodies twisting in hooded discomfort, while ominous fluid pumps vulgarly in time-lapse disconnection to infect cryptic silhouette overlays with a black hand of death, blending their meager existence into crumbling, carbon footprints of decay. Aerial and panoramic views of distortion spin toxic shadows over bulbous, deformed heads protruding from behind bone, fleshless masks, while bloody seas shimmer the sun’s blinding rays into black pools of barren sterility, amid inhabitants suffocating membranes of deception.

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Photo by L.Menage