WL//WH Video Of The Day: DRKLV [Night Voyager] “Control”

Video Of The Day  Night Voyager

Already struck us since the end of 2020, before switching his initial name to Night Voyager, the elusive Ukrainian one-man band based in Kyiv has, by now, assembled a fair number of compelling singles under his belt, venturing into the most atmospheric, shadowy and cold sonic fringes of 80s-inspired Post-Punk, built up on martial drum machine rhythms, moody meandering bassline pulses, effect-filled jangly melancholic guitar melodies rife with shimmering reverbs, frigid synth washes, over distant, cloudy, jerky vocal broods.

Night Voyager has just shared his first ever psychological DIY video for the dark ethereal new single “Control.”

Minimal lyrics mesmerize with comfort and acceptance to lure unawakened souls into an unstoppable movement of apocalyptic darkness.

“Control” stirs murky haunting impulses to cast lost melancholic melodies through hypnotic dry beats, ominous bouncy bass loops, dim icy bright forlorn synth flows, into a hefty, oppressive aura of control, to overshadow airless, gasping vocal chants, as they struggle for breath and voice, with deeply resonant poignant guitar lines and eerie warped sensations, injecting a deceptive, magnetic frequency of hopeless impending doom.

Grainy night vision video shot live on the streets of Kyiv captures a solo performance cloaked in surreal confusion and nocturnal dread. A seemingly innocuous walk to the liquor store shines psychic dimensions over a wandering soul whose midnight wanderings stir suggestive shadows and evocative colours from the subconscious eye while an invisible sense of danger lurks around every corner to inject discomforting moods of sentient fear.

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