WL//WH Video Of The Day: JAPANESE HEART SOFTWARE “Lonely Hearts”

Video Of The Day Japanese Heart Software

It’s hard not to be both captivated and mesmerized all at once whilst listening to the intoxicating and addictive heady concoction of dream-pop, chillwave, synth-pop, shoegaze and psychedelia infused in the debut 5-track cassette EP “Lonely Hearts” from Japanese Heart Software, the moniker of the lead guitarist and singer of Melbourne-based 4-piece VIM, Nat Chappy.

“Lonely Hearts” is a fresh mix of soft, sexy and sweet vocalizations lulling the mind into a relaxed mode as slow and lazy strings and beats induce a trance-like state set to a steamy short Romantic Comedy.

Hazy memorizing atmospherics comprised of light unassuming drum beats loungy tempo tapping into moody, brooding guitar melodies shimmering slivers of reverbed hope wrapped in warm, deeply resonant, and nuanced bassline’s strong throbbing pulse as drowsy, breathy and sexy vocals gasp and coo playfully hiding fear, shame, and insecurity in an “all night long” romantic obsession.

Unfinished, barely spoken secrets of the heart reveal painful, lonely longing and desperation lying beneath a calm, sweetly happy exterior. Rich detailed recollections of an intimate night create a rush of hot steamy emotions and leave a lady impatiently waiting for the outcome with her head in the clouds.

A humorous tongue-in-cheek DIY video, with tons of charm and retro style, illustrates a love story that begins with a photograph of former tennis champion Andre Agassi circa 1992 set against the backdrop of the quintessential single female’s bedroom. Alana West stars as, Linda Lovewell, a hopeless romantic who entertains the idea of selling love pills in an attempt to cure the world of loneliness. Dim pink lights cover the set as pills, dinner, and dancing lead to a vigorous night of mindless sex that causes one to regret, and another to cherish a night spent in love.

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