WL//WH Track Of The Day: SOMBRAS ETÉREAS “Sin Rumbo”

Track Of The Day  Sombras Etéreas

Influenced by the 80s post-punk, new wave and darkwave style, Sombras Etéreas is a new DIY one-man band, who has just dropped the first single “Sin Rumbo”  

A fresh, immersive and pretty distinctive tune that opens up on a glittering rarefied 6-string soundscape, suspended in a narcotic state of claustrophobic anxiety, densely pervaded by a sense of tragic and indissoluble emptiness that seems to go nowhere, if not to circle aimlessly.

Galloping skipping rhythms interwoven with bouncing bass loops crossed by bright wistful synth washes, while reverb-stained guitar melodies radiating towards a sombre and obsessive glistening mesh of floating glimmers around blurry rambling hypnotic male vocals, spinning dizzying moods of numb, aimless depression.

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