WL//WH Video of the Day: КАДРИЛЬ [QUADRILLE] “В петле (In a noose)”


“Split in society, a splash of oppressive injustice and inequality, human indifference, cynicism prompted us to create a band. To confront consumerism, materialism and other negative isms into the abyss, to drown the pain and despair in the rhythm of strange dances.”

 КАДРИЛЬ (Quadrille, meaning square dance) is a goth-punk 4-piece from Kiev, Ukraine, formed at the end of 2015, influenced by Christian Death, The Killing Joke, The Chameleons, UK Decay, Diät, with ironic, satirical lyrics about the harsh realities of life.

Following two mini-albums via Moon Records (digital) and Sierpień Records (physical), the band has dropped the brand new single “В петле (In a noose)” along with the Video Clip produced by Tanya Sokolova (@tanya_sokol_) and Strelkov Egor (@egor366) starring  Serj Kost, Ksena Bilan and Bella Khadartseva.

Powerful statement visuals with a message that is anything but typical:

In the noose” is a solution of “How not to commit suicide”. it’s a shift of aggression from their from yourself, to ask the question to people around you: “What if you have to do this last step right now instead of me?”.  “You’re no longer trying to understand and figure out what brought you to the line. You put a noose around the neck of those ones who bring you to the end.”

An urgent, treacherous bassline ominously throbs with dire drastically distressed guitar melodies becoming crying distorted bleeds amid quick, strong, militant drum beats as compellingly panicked steadfast pleas caustically chant angry sad quips slurring into seeping tragedies.

Palpable lyrics describe the intense pain and anger felt when cold, thoughtless, and selfish words neglectfully lead to helpless feelings of suicide while breaching the unexplored territory of a cathartic transference of pain into the neck of the tormentor. Harsh, brutal words of hopelessness and despair turn to vitalities venom with a vengeance as therapeutic visualizations turn the tables on the shameless guilty in a revelation to cure the madness,”You should be in the noose, not me.”

Not for the faint of heart, bleak black and white dismal atmospheres shift to awkward demented views of people gasping and struggling for life as the band stoically plays the daunting funeralistic soundtrack. Shadows eerily lurk around the victims creating a claustrophobic inevitability while a noose, which appears to be alive, slithers around their necks at unnatural speeds instilling a sense of panic and terror within. Black tape obstructs remorseful screams as toes dangle lifelessly under the gazelles stare of death distorted by skewed camera angles to reflect the brief moment of insanity that occurs every 40 seconds around the world when someone commits suicide.

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Фотограф – Ksenia Gladuszewska Popova