WL//WH Video Of The Day: MOKASSIN “Tropique”

Video Of The Day  Mokassin

Marseille, France Sun-Kissed Beach Poppers Olivier Boutry (Electric guitars/Keyboards), Vinnie Terranovasub (Bass/Keyboards), Xavier Mathès (Vocals/Keyboards), and Aurélien Dyjak (Drums) AKA Mokassin sing both in French and English to invoke the lockdown, the memories of the old days and the hope for better days on the Riviera.

A comedic video for the second single “Tropique” begins as

“our friends wake up on an unknown beach, unable to remember their night. Will they be remembered again and will they resume their resort escapades?”

An intoxicating blend of subdued reverb-infused guitar riffs, sinuous bassline pulses, punchy syncopated drum beats, and nostalgic layers of twinkling bright synth stabs carry powerful, wistful male vocals longing in hopeless melancholy into a grey and hazy vibe of Summer sunsets, while lyrics explain the story of friends left stranded on the seashore after too much partying.

An engaging cinematic portrayal of the narrative uses panoramic beach views of Bain des Dames, comedic acting skills, and minimal props to set the stage for a tongue-in-cheek video. A group singing sequence transforms the sandy shore into a deserted island where three castaways draw S.O.S messages in the sand, stumble around drunk, and reminisce over empty beer cans while waiting to be rescued.

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