WL//WH Track Of The Day: WARAHENEGE “Black Smoke, Autumn Breeze”

Track Of The Day  Warahenege  

In a genre that often tends to flatten the peculiarities sounding terribly lame, the Manchester-based Sri-Lanka-bred young bedroom pop multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Praveen Somarathne, AKA Warahenege combines a vibrant intensity and magnetic flair to his approach towards an emotive and atmospheric elegant songwriting, coloured by an intricate and shimmering wealth of sonic elements and emotional somber moods, varying from shimmering and nostalgic impassioned progressions to introspective and melancholic lulls, haunted by an incessant undercurrent of lingering restlessness, dealt with a bittersweet melodic sensibility and expressive sobriety.

The British artist’s soul-stirring nostalgic new single, “Black Smoke, Autumn Breeze”, ignites rambling crispy percussions, cascades of scintillating lush guitars and sinuous vibrant sparkling ripples, layer with subtle tinkling orchestration and washes of buzzing synth swells, to sway in harmony with sad, angsty vocals lost in fear and regret, wandering vulnerably through a melancholic haze of ‘black smoke’ and fading dreams.

An impassioned burst of dream pop from the young talented British musician.

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