WL//WH Video Of The Day: KELLEY STOLTZ “Hide in a Song”

San Francisco‘s bona fide Garage-Psych-Pop legend Kelley Stoltz drops a new promotional film bathed in the cosmic radiance vision of director Rachel Lichtman (Programme 4)  for the glammy Power-Pop stomper “Hide in a Song”, one of two tracks that feature the electric guitar of pop guru Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, Three O’Clock, and The Grays) on Stoltz’s upcoming 18th album “La Fleur”, due out on  June 7, 2024, co-released by Agitated Records (EU/UK) and Dandy Boy Records (USA).

Feelings of disconnection and distraction burst out brisk drum beats, sinuous, warm wriggling bass lines under glittering lush layers jam-packed with obsessive, rippling and rip-roaring guitar riffs, and randomly swishing, and chiming keyboard overlays, to carry evocative high angst vocals through the strangeness of modern society’s changing worldview.

Heady and nostalgic visuals by Rachel Lichtman (Programme 4) set Kelley Stoltz, wearing a sparkling pink champagne-colored sequin jacket, playing the guitar, against walls of prism-casting light bulbs to groovily deliver a cosmic, radiant retro-psych vision.

Kelley Stoltz’s upcoming 18th album “La Fleur”, will be co-released, on Vinyl 12″ and CD formats, by Agitated Records (EU/UK) and Dandy Boy Records (USA) on June 7, 2024.

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