WL//WH Video Of The Day : BRAGOLIN “To Hide To Shine To Cross” 

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“I Saw Nothing Good So I Left”, is the 8-track debut album, via Young & Cold Records by the Dutch two-piece band Bragolin. Hailing from Utrecht, Netherlands  Zwarte Poëzie‘s Edwin van der Velde (vocals, baritone guitar, synths) and Maria Karssenberg (guitar, organ, synths) have easily been one of the more pleasant, enticing, and inexplicably underestimated surprises of the year. Their brooding, immersive and epic melding of post-punk and darkwave moods with synthpop and new wave twists will surely entertain.

To Hide to Shine to Cross” is driven by slashing drum machine beats woven together with pulsing bass lines interspersed by a melancholy, piercing and mesmerizing guitar lead. Floating through the song, Edwin’s distinctive, stellar, and warm vocals give it an 80’s new wav-ish love song feel.

It is a song about miscommunication, dreams unborn, and the sadness that lies within each of us. The video is a brilliant representation of the song giving us imagery of women happily putting on their faces, hanging out, and dancing. All an illusion, as we see the end, depicted with crying eyes, smeared lipstick, and disheveled hair hiding the sadness and despair that lies within each of them.

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Bragolin-ACU, Utrecht, 2018 by Parcival Flohr Photography