WL//WH Video Of The Day: URAL MOUNTAINS “Are You Running Out”

Video Of The Day Ural Mountains

Ural Mountains, the DIY indie-rock music project, layered with dreamy, atmospheric shoegaze, jangle-pop, and psychedelic undertones, created in 2013, by Buenos Aires-based, French musician Cyril Degilles, drops footage from a real-life police chase in his video for the groovy and heady track “Are You Running Out”, taken from last year’s album, “Synthetic Lights”, via Texas‘ DIY label Chavalote Records.

Supportive lyrics encourage staying present within the body while feelings of fear, anxiety and obsession drive emotional discomfort into the psychological realm of an out-of-body experience.

A prelude of paranoia-inducing 911 field recordings give way to an obsessive, gruelling, and searing weave of twinkling six-string convictions, whilst urgent punchy drum beats, and rapid throbbing bass pulses pull haunted breathless passions and eerie high-pitched tensions from a hypnotic, wavy vocal shift of emotional cries to surge into dramatic frequencies of dying dread.

Adrenaline fueled video footage follows a frantic skateboarder through the post-industrial decay of an urban landscape while on the run from the law. Long angular and sloping streets, tall waterless bridges, and jaw-dropping near misses create an edge of your seat real-life drama of alarm, excitement, and rebellious attitudes. Twilight shifts to darkness as aerial views zero in on anti-heroic acts of mischief to find a moto-cop under the helicopter’s spotlight instigating a fake surrender and literal cliffhanger ending.

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