WL//WH Video Of The Day: M73 “No Light In Sight”

Video Of The Day  M73  

Danish experienced electronic composer and producer of Am Tierpark, Negant, Mirland and several other projects, John R. Mirland AKA M73 releases a thought-provoking video for the soul-stirring new track “No Light In Sight”, the first in a series of singles from the forthcoming sophomore album “Motor Romantik” via LÆBEL.

“No Light In Sight” represents a slight shift from M73 signature EBM-infused dark electro sound adding some post-punk leanings, described as “Joy Division meets EBM”.

Warbling, undulating circular bass tones, hypnotic off-tempo crispy beats, and numb, stoic atmospheric male vocals build a haunted aura of detached pain, while a sparkling choral section adds twinkling synth melodies and warm glowing keyboard chords to elicit hope, after a dramatic interlude of rapid scattered and clamouring percussive fills, to swirl around an airy distorted, robotic release of tense sadness.

Esoteric lyrics reflect on isolation, escapism, and letting go using metaphors of light and darkness, life and death.

Evocative video, directed by Greek art photographer Anna Tartaglia in an area around Tripoli, Greece, alternates stunning intimate views of Mother Nature with symbolic imagery and metaphysical themes to make a powerful statement about humankind and the environment.

Immersive shots of rich, dark forestry, black mountain tops, and a slow-motion of cloud cover set a bleak tone for a cloaked figure walking barefoot along a forgotten footpath while bare hands caress ancient tree trunks and dig in nutrient soil to transfer sentient energy into ritual reverence. Transition scenes shift momentum with spinning wind power blades and surreal layers of earthen elements as the static black sands of an hourglass reflect on hypnotic pools of timeless regret.

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