WL//WH Track Of The Day: INGRESO CADÁVER “Lineas Muertas”


Located in the city of Santiago de Chile, Ingreso Cadáver is a Coldwave /Post-punk solo project, active since 2023,  formed by the enigmatic Spanish musician and composer Fran H, who crafts an immersive and poignant synth-driven Darkwave sound engulfed in melancholy and introspection.

The latest single by the prolific Spaniard artist titled “Tanto tiempo” is about making a decision to become unstuck from between the world of memories and the world of present life.

Lead by the hypnotic pace of a rattling, mechanical drum programming and bleak humming basslines, obsessive shimmering wistful guitar melodies and forlorn synth drifts flutter and shiver over murky droning vocals that flow back and forth in clarity and intensity since ‘the time has come’.

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