WL//WH Track Of The Day: SYDNEY VALETTE “Station Stop”

Track Of The Day Sydney Valette  

Classical/jazz piano trained Parisian artist Sydney Valette carved out for over a decade a high-intensity distinctive path in dance electronic realms constantly unpredictable and captivating, through a seamless organic balance between past and future, starting from the early Bedroom computer-built, 8-bit Electro-Pop experimentations to gradually adding a rich range of sound elements grabbed from Minimal Wave, Post-Punk, Rave Music, Gabber, Industrial, Electro, Techno, New Beat, whilst simultaneously improving his instrumentation and production quality, without even missing contemplative ambient forays, to finally reach a melodically rich, yet hard-hitting ever-evolving combination of EBM, Minimal Dark Wave and Synth-Punk not easy to pinpoint, increasingly triggered to shake the dancefloor.

The French producer has shared the first preview, “Station Stop”, from the upcoming new album scheduled to be released next September 15th, 2022, on Young & Cold (Vinyl) and Icy Cold Records (CD).

“Station Stop” digs into the psyche of a dangerous attraction to breed curiosity for anger, lust, and violence.

Pounding kicks, staggering metallic hisses and slashing snares pummel with boisterous trance-inducing vibrancy along with an ominous wobbly bassline that rumbles and bounces onwards, emitting threatening layers of cryptic menace, penetrated by bright dramatic synth swathes, swirling and echoing atop throaty baritone broods, dropping primal grunts, sensual whispers, and romantic moods into achingly chiming and longing swarms of pain and fear.

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