WL//WH Video of The Day: WOR_KSPACE “Weekend”

Video Of The Day WOR_KSPACE

Just a few days ago we mentioned the Young Marble Giants, and coincidentally, the debut single of wor_kspace, “Weekend”, takes its name from the combo started by YMG singer Alison Statton after the split in 1981, as well as intimate and atmospheric, but with strong jazz and slight Bossanova leanings, almost to foreshadow, with a memorable first album and a live EP, simultaneously with the ‘will be famous’ Everything But The Girl, the explosion of the ‘new cool’ season, at least this way was called on these shores, with exponents such as Style Council, Sade, Working Week and Matt Bianco.

wor_kspace is the electronic kosmische pop project of Glasgow-based musician and producer Finlay Macdonald, with a distinguished indie past as a member of BMX Bandits, Speedboat, and Teenage Fanclub, who develops and refines the ideas from his previous monikers Lenzie Moss and Music and Movement.

Influenced by the progressive and experimental ’70s krautrock sounds of Neu, Harmonia and so forth, it opens up to the ’90s Avant-pop of Stereolab, Broadcast, Pram and Electrelane and to the subsequent glitch indietronica of early Morr Music, while, talking about the present, would fit properly in the Polytechnic Youth label catalogue along with fellow Tomorrow Syndicate, we hosted not long ago.

Spatial analogue synths swirl and buzz in languorously expanding waveforms to set forth a mellow and mercurial vibe, interwoven with groovy resonant bass lines, repetitive motorik beats, and upbeat voice samples, as soft feather-light male vocals float carefree amid twinkling and quivering spacious, multidimensional horizons.

Confessional lyrics unveil the intimate and pivotal moments in a relationship that lead to a proposal regarding a forever living arrangement.

The hypnotic DIY video blends time travelling dimensions between a retro-modern blade runner backdrop and the gentle rock of glistening rain dropped ocean waves in a roller coaster ride of bipolar explorations. Blue and red lights blink in sync with the quirky soundtrack, spinning a lost highway of dizzying wormhole transitions with opposite charged emotional realms painted in electric neon futurism and monochromatic blue tranquility, to form a gripping and turbulent “Weekend” ride into uncertain cyber environments.

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Written by Catt Gillette and Fabrizio Lusso.