WL//WH Video Of The Day: LUNAIRES “Healing Hurricanes”

Video Of The Day Lunaires

Lunaires is the new project of Danilo Carnevale (Guitar, programming, electronics) and Patrizia Tranchina (Voice), formerly members of the cult minimal new wave outfit Jeunesse d’Ivoire, active since the early 80’s, with just a self-produced 3-track cassette demo in 1982 and a spot on the historical Italo wave compilation ‘Body Section’ on Electric Eye Records the year later, collected by seminal magazine ‘Rockerilla’ along with well-known bands of the local scene as Litfiba, Kirlian Camera and Diaframma, among others.

Reunited in 2013 with a renewed line-up under the shorter name Ivories, after an EP and the 2016’s full-length “Light Years”, Danilo and Patrizia decided to further pursue as Lunaires, defined by an immersive and mesmerizing electronic sound that melts together Shoegaze, New Wave and Dream Pop, ‘flying higher and higher, through time and space, towards unknown destinations’.

Following 2019‘s high-praised “If All The Ice Melted”, the duo entered the new year with a previously unreleased single, entitled “Healing Hurricanes”, always through the independent Brasilian label Wave Records, accompanied by the Video directed by Andrea Frigerio.

Weary anticipation slowly released from the tensely plucked guitar strings builds before exploding in a trembling reverb tinged capitulation atop, submerged hollow and flat drum beats and shiny sparkling synth surrenders, as beautifully sad disheartened female vocals fearfully dream of warm fuzzy feelings.

Primordial celestial imagery merges the sea and stars, creating a majestic wonderland as bright starlight from above collides with the murky waters below to reveal a secret world of constellations to the sea life hidden below. Alone, and “afraid to love,” a woman finds herself unknowingly searching for answers that will set her free, as she leaves the comfort of a blind existence for a miraculous discovery, that brings her 1,000 miles through the safety of a “Healing Hurricane” into an enlightened new life.

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