WL//WH Track Of The Day: POSTLOOPERISH “Lighthouse“

Track Of The Day  postlooperish  

Enigmatic Post-Punkish solo endeavor from a fictional character based in NYC called postlooperish, appeared this year with quite a prolific series of releases, especially in its second half.

The New York artist deftly seizes the tormented pathos and the emotive tension of trailblazer ’80s bands such as The Cure and Psychedelic Furs, at times haunted by murky gothic undertones, with a right measure of hypnotic rhythms, sparkling guitar work, evocative melodic synth elements, boosted by an alluring and poignant, slightly husky, vocal delivery.

The opening track of the new 2-track single “Siren Song”, the heart-rending “Lighthouse” confesses doubt, fear, and a crisis of faith through a cathartic lens of being found.

Driven by thumping and stumbling percussions, effect-filled smears of whining guitar strains echo and vibrate with agonizing pain, enveloped by swelling wistful synth swoons, around emotional aching vocals, drawing desperate beguiling croons of longing and angst from tormenting chaos of rambling anxiety.

Don’t look for innovation with postlooperish, but to a familiar style of Post-punk dear to many of us, reworked, most of the time, with proficiency and passion.

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