WL//WH Track Of The Day: KARSTEN27 “das Haus”

Track Of The Day  KARSTEN27

Karsten27 is a brand new solo project from Leipzig, seemingly led by the front-person of the guitar-driven Post-punk band Mantarochen, which we hosted a while ago.

For the usual tag category, albeit someone may rightly say that ‘genres are for journalists’, not our case though, a sound that could be described as brooded, minimal and guitarless Synth Pop/Wave, sung in German, which unfortunately we are unable to understand.

Icy and dry, as well as bared and stripped down, in its interlacing of intricate straightforwardness, the first single, “das Haus”, is driven by a resonant throbbing bass that threads the intoxicating melody, with mechanical drum machine beats, and alienated synth motifs, bound by intense and evocative vocalizations, maybe for its Teutonic bent, somehow echoing Anja Huwe and Bettina Koester, of unfathomable morose spell, tinged with profound melancholy that tugs directly at the heart.

Thick, round, thrumming bass line ceaselessly pulses in swaying and loose-limbed lonesome waves, punctuated by a hypnotic skipping, clattering-charged drum programming, whilst forlorn synth glares and buzzing swelling laments, tremble somberly over deep, angsty and restless vocals haphazardly meandering in a “da Hause” obsession.

More jittery, tight-wound, and crisp the second single that just followed, titled not a horse”, yet equally mesmerizing.