WL//WH Video Of The Day : Hante. “Empty Space [Antipole / Paris Alexander remix]”

Video Of The Day  Hante. [Antipole / Paris Alexander remix]

Those sad, sad songs to make me happy

It was a line from the lyrics of an unforgettable late 90’s Tindersticks song dedicated to the genius of Lee Hazlewood, initially a single club 7″ featuring the vocals of Niki Sin from Huggy Bear, then glamourized by Isabella Rossellini contribution.

“A Marriage Made In Heaven” was called that bright romantic gem, and both its title and its words fit perfectly to describe what’s happening here .

The increasingly growing coldwave/post-punk collaboration between the Norwegian musician/songwriter Karl Morten Dahl, aka Antipole and the Brighton-based producer and vocalist Paris Alexander meet the unique precious dark-synth talent of Parisian Hélène de Thoury, aka Hante..

The beautiful refined, obsessive, cold and minimal synth-laden ‘Empty Space’, punctuated by piercing rhythm and superbly vocalized by the sombre and haunting Hante.‘s vocal intonations, is turned into a deeply atmospheric soundscape dipped in bitterness and melancholy, harmoniously melted with the coldwave nuances of the seductive and mesmerising signature intricate guitar leads of Trondheim finest and combined with Alexander‘s chilling electronic production, crafting something spellbinding and enchanting.
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