WL//WH Video Of The Day: SYNEBA “Metropolis”

Video Of The Day  SYNEBA  

Barcelona, Spain‘s Dark Electronic Artist and Producer Esther Alarcon AKA Syneba builds a lush cinematic ambience drenched in obscure, cryptic analog synth-laden instrumentals that expands into a cold, intoxicating universe of all-encompassing sight and sound in her latest video/song release, “Metropolis” taken from Syneba‘s freshly released debut 4-track EP “Species and Spaces.”

A hauntingly beautiful tribute film, by Govii Cardinni, inspired by the expressionist and gothic aesthetics of Fritz Lang’s 1927 censored dystopic classic “Metropolis”, merges seamlessly with the dark, cinematic vibes of the soundtrack to construct an alternate, breath-taking dimension centred on a magnetic androgynous character whose dramatic fashion, facial expression, and fluid motion erect a stunning windswept fantasy of fear and despair.

Eerie majestic atmospherics of distant, mesmeric twinkling icy slivers, immersive, swirling synthetic gusts, fragile, brittle metallic chimes, steady lashing beats, and urgent ominous throbbing bass tones emerge as an alluring and mysterious cyber realm of dangerous moods, futuristic agendas, and minimal robotic vocoder whispers to diffuse all hope through a cold, dire post-human dream.

Barcelona, Spain sets the magnificent backdrop for this timeless tale of socio-economic oppression with sprawling ancient architectures amid urban skylines to merge a 100-year cycle of emergency fiction into an unending spiral of desolation and gloom while a small elitist ruling empire of usurped control casts veils of innovation and technology over-inflated egos of desire. Surreal shape-shifting auras transform a century of time-space continuum into depth-defying textures of lights and shadows using a gripping plotline, a rich historic on-location set, and precision directing and editing skills to draw the viewer into the eternal struggle that exists betwixt humankind and the invisible forces of impending doom. Evocative, graceful dance interpretations, universal symbols, and dissociative trace overlays blur a sensational global metaphor for all over the subconscious eye of mass interpretation to awaken lost connections, etched memories, and archetypal insight from the sleeping brainwaves of relentless modern manipulation.

Syneba’s 4-track EP “Species and Spaces.”

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