WL//WH Track Of The Day: WILD ROSES Of WINTER “Incineration”

Track Of The Day    Wild Roses Of Winter

Wild Roses Of Winter is a new project from Finland started in November 2019 by Virgin in Veil and Masquerade members Suzi Sabotage (vocals, hand drum, programming), and Jacques Saph (synth, bass, programming), whose 3-track debut S/T EP is imbued with darkwave, neoclassical and ethereal wave sonic suggestions.

Opening track “Incineration” is solemn, forlorn, atmospheric dirge, encompassed by the tragic and deep unveiling of poisonous emotions, bearing the burden of obscure woe and sorrow, where relentlessly intense melancholic and dramatic synth string loops, fueled by hypnotic, insistent and martial percussive rhythms, delve into the voids of the soul, replete with oppressive desolation and unyielding disbelief, as cold, stoic primal female howls layered with urgent chanting cries, desperately foretell fallen foolish tragedy.

Along the same icy forsaken atmospheric line, slightly more reflective, the final “Requiem”, while “Aradia”, with its tribal broken rhythms and suggestive arcane ethnic inflexions, recalling Dead Can Dance and Arcadia, hints at possible intriguing developments, making for an effective and immersive debut cloaked both in cold ethereal and stark mourning moods.