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The feelings and thoughts that swirl around your mind when you are in a new place that is so inspiring for the soul. A trigger for new perspectives and deeper imagination…Brigitte Handley

Sidney‘s singer, songwriter, guitarist, and part of the all-female trio The Dark Shadows, Brigitte Handley, goes on with her recent synth-driven path, inaugured with the well-received last March’s single “After Dark”, as well as her collaboration with fellow Australian creative collective Matahari Ranch, already on the remix duty on “Lament of a Lost Soul”, which provides the vibrant electronic backdrop and pulsating rhythmic drive to her 80’s new wave-inspired dark and atmospheric compositions, embellished by her bewitching emotionally-charged voice, this time with the addition of “The Wall” period, Roger Waters-esque throbbing, metronomic bass treachery, alluring aloof spoken words, and even a brief appearance of the vocoder.

An electric rush from fear excites ominously propelling and rumbling, tight bassline, lashed by steady snare beats, down through the intoxicating and thrilling pace of the cold and misty neon-lit night of “Köln”, building an imbalanced sense of excitement and danger, cut in echoing reverb-dusted swells of guitar and icy whirling synth flashes, whilst aloof, urgent female vocals release an intense array of emotions into a detached stream of consciousness, waning in and out of a chaotic marginal existence.

Heartfully and deftly crafted, both lyrically and sonically, “Köln”, besides being a genuine tribute to a city, is a compelling, introspective moody journey into the futility of modern human existence.

“Köln”, while it will be released independently through Select-A-Vision Records, is actually available digitally exclusively on Bandcamp, soon followed, on 11.11.2020, via iTunes, Spotify and all other digital music platforms.

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Photo by Reto Jeltsch (jeltsch.eu)