WL//WH Video Of The Day: ENZO KREFT “Viral Paranoia”

Video Of The Day  Enzo Kreft

Mechelen-based, Belgian Dark Electro-Wave veteran Eric Vandamme AKA Enzo Kreft returns with another Dystopic DIY video for the maddening single, “Viral Paranoia”, taken from last January’s, coronavirus inspired, 12-track album “Different World.”

In “Viral Paranoia”, a haunted and frightening track, Kreft gets into the head of a conspiracy theorist who claims the virus was developed in a laboratory

A barrage of misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda drives racing thoughts and paranoid delusions through the collective eye of a global citizenry.

An otherworldly galaxy of impending cyberpunk doom lurks beneath the ominous throbbing bassline drone, distant clapping backbeats, and eerie, sinister shivering synth strains to inject “Viral Paranoia” into an atmospheric vocal coalition of numb angst, warped falling echoes, and disoriented frequencies from Enzo Kreft’s signature moods to leave the listener captivated and spinning in the engineered manipulation of Global Lockstep Hell.

The immersive video opens alternate headspace into an intoxicating series of paranoia-inducing images. Vintage black and white clips, computer modified identity, and x-ray visions construct a virtual realm of systemic fear and anxiety. Eye-opening repetitions, strobing light strikes, and universal symbols drive depth-defying dread into viral animations, Psychedelic enhancements, and suggestive programming to transform the mind’s attention into a conspiracy theorist’s bliss.

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