WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE VIOLENT YOUTH “Солнце|Solntse”

Video Of The Day The Violent Youth

Fresh from releasing the band’s fourth album, “Tam, Gde Nas Net,” the first with lyrics in their native Russian language album, synthpop/post-punk duo from Minsk, Belarus, The Violent Youth, based in Augsburg, Germany and Moscow, Russia, started in 2014 by Belarusian musician Arthur Tsymbal in collaboration with keyboardist Egor Ivakhnenko, have dropped a new music video, created with the help of Ignaz Engelmann, for the track “Solntse”.

Muffled bass oscillations pulse hypnotically beneath off-tempo beats, light abrasive reverb-dusted guitar layers lingering and echoing amid the glowing synth strain’s warm light, and soft-spoken male vocals lost in the overpowering dull pain of helplessness, while narrative lyrics paint an intimate portrait of life, death, and the love that brings them together.

A heart-wrenching depiction of the tender and loving observations made during the long days and nights spent comforting a sick soul in the hospital.

Panoramic views enhance a contemplative drive through the country on the way to the hospital with pit stops along the way to appreciate nature’s simple beauty, while acting as a counterbalance to the heavy tones of the soundtrack. Dim sunlight flickers through grey skies, as shadows cast brooding moods onto a sullen face of despair responding to a ritualistic visit down the daunting dirt roads and cobblestone paths of fading Lo-Fi forms. A breath of tension releases through a lonely lens left barren within the deceptive camera angles and windblown hair of a flowing montage, blending dark tunnels, sad rivers, and solitary perspectives.

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Photo by @valermontovvn