WL//WH Video Premiere: GOD ON MY RIGHT “Dirt”

WL//WH Video Premiere  GOD ON MY RIGHT

WL//WH is pleased to unveil the premiere of the wicked underground video, directed by Polocho, for the gritty Electro-Industrial new dance single “Dirt” off the incoming EP “Retching”, from Liverpool, UK Noise-Industrial Pop brother duo Sean & Michael Hollywood, under the moniker God On My Right

A disturbing gore-injected fetish video by Polocho stirs suggestive acts of violence and bondage with skin-crawling ant swarms and disjointed night vision captures to formulate a surreal nightmare within the mind’s eye of imagination.

Eerie cinematic NIN-like auras build insidious disorienting textures of dangerous gurgling bass line menace, unsettling droning alarms, merciless obsessive strains, sparse abrasive guitar riffage, and hypnotic thumping beats, rising and falling in toxic waves of sinister frequencies, to shatter disconnected vocal fear into alternate dimensional layers of disassociative identities. The immersive merciless vibes will definitely satisfy fans of Skinny Puppy, Ministry, and NIN whilst dancing the after-hours away in the darkest dungeons of hidden subconscious dread.

“Retching” EP artwork

God On My Right‘s new EP “Retching” is due to be released this Friday, Jan 20th.

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