WL//WH Track Of The Day: FERN MURPHY “The Pleasure of Slowness”

Track Of The Day FERN MURPHY

“Our era is obsessed with the desire to forget, and it is to realize this desire that it abandons itself to the demon of speed” already stated the Czech writer Milan Kundera in his novel from 1995, titled “Slowness”. 

In the same way,  the Indianapolis-based Shoegaze band Fern Murphy in their brand new single, encourages the listener into awareness of embracing “The Pleasure of Slowness”, according to a more organic rhythm of life constantly undermined by the hyper-fast pace of the modern world.

The Indiana trio is back on track, after a long hiatus, since the mesmerizing 2021 debut album “Violet Hours”, with the first preview from an upcoming new EP, flavoured with their distinctive painstakingly crafted and imaginative melding of Shoegaze and Dreampop.

Like DIIV and Wild Nothing, Fern Murphy carve out both murky and vibrant, lush and intimate guitar-laden atmospherics imbued with bright and exquisite melancholic melodies, streaked with lurking mists of underlying restlessness.

Wistful nostalgia cocoons the rarefied yet bracingly chilly up-tempo pace led by crisp shuffling drum beats pulsing loosely along with warm lithe basslines, layered with an overgrown guitar weaving blur of rippling and twinkling reflective intricacy and swirly crystalline chimes, whilst blissed-out yet angsty vocals disappear shrouded in a thick haze of flowing tension.

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