WL//WH Video Of The Day : DEAF DANCE “Destination”

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With a remarkable freshness and ability in refining and updating the aesthetics of the golden era of dark post-punk and coldwave combined with a slice of 90’s shoegaze, Los Angeles-based 2-piece Deaf Dance, comprised of the former singer of Flaamingos, Jerry Narrows and keyboardist Hannah Doumitt, are just releasing their debut album properly titled “A cold gaze” .
“Destination” is an hypnotic and brooding, seductive post-punk gem driven by a commanding pulsating synth basslines, fascinating icy synth and shards of excruciating dissonant guitar underpinned by shadowy detached vocals, shaping a cold, hazy and immersive atmosphere, deeply emotional, highly infectious and unexpectedly contemporary.

Check out the DIY video about two goths ‘under the big red sun’ of LA with a sci-fi style plot twist at the end

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