WL//WH Track Of The Day: GENERAL TRUST “Medical History”

Track Of The Day GENERAL TRUST  

A stalwart of the Nashville, Tennessee independent music scene as frontman for two decades of the guitar-driven Post-punk trio Apollo Up!, as well as part of several bands such as And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead and Forget Cassettes, to name the most known, the multi-instrumentalist and composer Jay Leo Phillips, with also a solo album in 2016 and a couple of EPs under his name, has started in his own studio to experiment with Drum Machines and Synthesizers combined with his distinctive guitar style, recalling the eerie twangy chords of sadly deceased Marc Moreland of Wall Of Voodoo, and nasal baritone, channeled in the new year’s Cold Wave / Synthpop project under the moniker General Trust.

“Cool​/​OK  // Medical History” is the recently dropped sophomore single as usual via fellow label yk records, two very similar both catchy and danceable, darkly 80s-tinged tracks, the former vocally reminds me of Joe Jackson, albeit the latter is slightly preferable.

Non-stop drum programming, punctuated by crackling percussive lashes, thumps along with punchy bass line obsession, tightly bouncing with a racing paced dance groove, pierced by echoing and sparkling, slinky guitar melodies, whilst restless, moody vocals alternate urgent numbness and breathless agony, to invoke feelings of alienation, disconnection and dread.

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