WL//WH Video Of The Day : LIZARD POOL “Staircase Balcony”

Video Of The Day

Got it by chance last evening, here is the new video and single from the forthcoming debut album “Spark” on Out Of Line Music, by a new German ‘Indie-Goth-Post-Wave-Punker’ power trio from Leipzig called Lizard Pool.

“Staircase Balcony” is introduced by acid synth lines and the emotionally resonant voice of the singer and guitarist Vincent Oley, until the beautifully throbbing and powerful driven Fender bass steals the spotlight underpinned by the pounding drumming and shimmering layers of guitar reverbs, with a sensual tempo change near the end punctuated by glittering guitar chords, to create a gripping and intense post-punk meets darkwave number that makes me curious about their upcoming debut.

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Lizard Pool photo by Hammermännchen