WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE CLUSTER “Unnecessarily deep”

Track Of The Day The Cluster 

Sprung in the first part of 2019 from the punk collective Incendio Colectivo based in Bogotà, with the aim of giving voice to alternative national and non-national bands, the valuable Colombian independent label Tres Incendios Records, whose debut we had the honour of featuring, has now on its belt about twenty releases, spanning different shades of dark sound, all enhanced with impeccable graphics, sheer DIY spirit and genuine political antagonism.

The latest release, created out from isolation, is the 4-track EP, “Particles”, from the one-man-band project of Juan Bolivar, THE CLUSTER plunges into the cold depths of agonising and forsaken emotional shadows of a minimalistic and enveloping noir-ish post-punk, combining tremolo and reverb-drenched, spaghetti western guitar tones, drifted in Morriconian surreal echoes, with early The Cure-esque meandering bassline to entrancing yet chilling effects.

In “Unnecessarily deep”, vibrant, obsessive beats trigger a web of gleaming guitar licks that mottle and glow the concealed obscurity, radiating ethereal piercing twang hypnotisms imbued with intense passion, ceaselessly intersecting with a perpetually pulsating serpentine bassline, that creeps elusively, wrapped in distant icy swirls of synth desolation, around tortured, brooding croon, drowning in lonely regret and intimate pain.