WL//WH Track Of The Day: KHALOUNE “The Only Time”

Track Of The Day  Khaloune  

Michigan dark electronic artist Khaloune, after a couple of demos on Soundcloud, drops her first taste, titled, “The Only Time”, of tormented, moody and magnetic electronic-driven darkwave with a retro flair, swathed by a haunting voice, even if not commanding, sensual and anguished enough to instil relentless tension and obscurity.

“A loner ode” laced with confessional lyrics reveal “the only time I feel joy is when I’m on my own,”

“The Only Time” stirs up incessant dramatic and glowing eerie synth ripples that soar and flash ceremoniously, heightened by droning, oscillating basslines, over hypnotic punchy snare beats, cut by crisp claps and piles of crunchy hits, meandering somberly atop cold morose vocals stirring painful memories from the distant shackles of shared time.

While dealing with familiar sonic territories and with some elements to be calibrated, possibly a sharper rhythm section, the Michigan artist displays in her first foray a fine ability to build gripping dark synthscapes with an intriguing and alluring impact.

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