WL//WH Video Of The Day: BIKINI BEACH “Melted Cheese”

Video Of The Day Bikini Beach

Garage-Death-By-Fuzz-Rock Trio from Konstanz, Germany, Bikini Beach, made up of Charlotte Løve (Bass, Vocals), Nils Hagstrom (Guitar, Vocals) and Flip (Drums), release an animated music video for the noisy and grungy track “Melted Cheese”, the third single from their upcoming fifth album “Atoll” due out September 11, 2020, 12″ Vinyl LP and Digital, via Hamburg-based independent label La Pochette Surprise Records.

Abrasive guitar riffs grind behind bratty caustic male/female dual vocals, as hard pounding drum beats and resonant pulses throb into the blistering six sting interlude to gradually shift into strong bass reverberations around nervous whispers gaining momentum for a final burst of angry emotions.

Narrative lyrics describe the hypnotic effects of modern technology and the addictive properties that take hold and consume the mind and body.

An illustrative video, animated by bassist Charlotte Gagel and Sophie Diet, depicts a life spent plugged into the sensationalist world of superimposed sex, drugs, and love where a vortex of swirling “Melted Cheese” becomes the puppet strings that euthanize the human brain while all-seeing dancing cyclops watch the excessive behaviour spin out of control into oblivion.

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