WL//WH Video Of The Day: THYMIAN “Ponavlja Se”

Video Of The Day  THYMIAN  

Following a well-received first S/T EP in the Summer of 2019, THYMIAN, the Swiss Post-Punk solo project of Zürich based artist Josip Tijan, is back with an enigmatic music video, created by Friends Of Mine, for the rousing track “Ponavlja Se” taken from his highly anticipated first album, “Rhythm of Doubt”, scheduled for a July 16, 2021 release via Young and Cold Records.

The new single “Ponavlja Se”, meaning “It repeats itself”, is an experiment in THYMIAN‘s Croatian mother tongue.

“The song is about the fear of heights, a fear that has been haunting THYMIAN since his youth and is, to this day, a repeating topic in his nightmares.”

Resonant sparkling guitar strings prickle webs of dire emotions along throbbing bass lines and lashing tinny beats, while warm expanding airy synth swathes rise ceremoniously through the vibrating energy of urgent rhythms to sway intense baritone male vocals’ breathless release of cursed Slavic sentiments and deep echoing desires into an intoxicating concoction of organic and synthetic realms.

Confessional lyrics build a bizarre atmosphere of frightening dreams, where isolation, distress, and angst reveal themselves in an out-of-control anxiety attack of recurring tension.

Nightmarish video, starring THYMIAN  and Lisa Jödicke, travels through the subconscious realm of phobias using stunning acrobatics and surreal landscapes to instil a disassociated vibe. Dim, swirling lights create intrigue over a hypnotic shadow dance sequence, shifting into a dramatically veiled aerial routine, whose daring yet graceful moves entrance and awe. Universal fear drawn from disturbing imagery uses shrouded faces, strange body movements, unnatural flows of motion, and multiple identities to form a dire dreamscape cast in symbolic transitions of mercurial loops.

THYMIAN first LP “Rhythm of Doubt” is due out on July 16, 2021, 12″ Vinyl & Digital, via, Young and Cold Records. On pre-order on the artist Bandcamp and the label’s website.

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