WL//WH Video Of The Day: BLIND SEAGULL “Hunt”

WL//WH Video Of The Day   Blind Seagull

2014 marks the year Russian trio Blind Seagull, based out of Kaliningrad, began experimenting with sonic inventions dedicated to self-destruction, anxiety, fear, and self-loathing to form a unique modern ‘after post-punk’ sound that is ever-evolving.

A video release for the opening track off Blind Seagull‘s new album “Nails”, through Berlin-based label Detriti Records, is the lone word “Hunt,” with the lyrics composed of five: “They try to hunt me.” Eight songs make up the esoteric LP with the first four songs made of the monosyllabic titles: Hunt, Waste, Run, and Nails.

Dark and moody atmospherics quickly form through rising, direly intense guitar melodies and deep throbbing bass rhythms struck by quick tapping beats shifting to clashing metallic cymbal strikes as stoic, baritone male vocals blur the chanted mantra surrounded in quick caustic shouts.

Photography effects and filters give a grainy texture to the wobbling atmosphere as an unfocused blurred view insinuates uncertainty into the bleak destructive nihilistic set of the companion video. For unknown reasons the imagery alternates between a house party and a commuter train with glimpses of smokestacks billowing plumes of toxic clouds into the sky as dismantled rail tracks are carelessly stacked in a field. Ominous feelings of impending doom grow as the oblivious partygoers dance happily in faded colour while the stark black and white imagery of destruction and waste looms closely outdoors.

Blind Seagull‘s new album “Nails”, is out 12″ Vinyl & Digital, via Berlin-based independent label Detriti Records.

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Live in Katarsis 2019 Photo by @sunnvynnn