WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #43

Robin Isely a.k.a. Sliplead


  • Roma, Italy shoegaze/darkwave/post-punk band 3+Dead “Shine” from their S/T debut album on SwissDarkNights Label/Icy Cold Records

“Shine”, first preview from the upcoming debut LP of the Italian trio, meanders a dark, tranced-out, blissful reverie, akin to the timeless early 80s 4AD days, with reverb-laden guitar melodies that shimmer relentlessly, underlie by sinuous, somehow menacing, bleak bass line over haunting, ethereal female vocals, caressing our ears with such charm and sheer intensity we will never be bored to listen to.

  • Encinitas, California goth / post-punk / new wave project VALUEMART “Born To Kill” new single                     

Californian artist Valuemart delivers from time to time his irresistible understated lo-fi “discount D.I.Y goth” goodness, like the 80s infused new wave hit “Born To Kill” made of dramatic synths that soar and swirl, backed by hypnotic reverberated rhythms, around urgently breathless vocals of betrayed alienation seeking vengeance where there’s no one to blame, just in perfect ‘revenge movie’ style.

  • Vienna‘s synth wave/minimal synth solo project of synthesist/singer Violet Candide, aka Peppy Pep Pepper – ”friendly lobsters”                                                                                                                                                       

The solo project of Violet Candide, of Vienna‘s duo Mitra Mitra, doesn’t seem to know pause recently, dropping new songs plus visuals almost on a weekly basis, beautifully constructed of 80s-tinged, deliciously infectious, darkly, fluttery and pulsating, drum machine-laced, analog minimal synth-laden pop in a traditional DIY ethos, of which we can’t help but helplessly addicted.                                          

  • Early ’80s New York-based project of DNA co-founder and musician, performance artist, and writer Robin Crutchfield, aka DARK DAY “Meadowlands;Down To Elephantine;Letters From The Dead” from the upcoming vinyl reissue of a collection of 13 medieval pagan folk songs recorded between 1985-86, titled “Darkest Before Dawn” on Dark Entries Records
  • Brooklyn, NYC dark electronic krautrock/trip-hop/synth-pop project of Robert Toher (former Brooklyn’s Eraas), Public Memory “The Maze” from forthcoming “Illusion Of Choice” EP on Felte
  • Rennes, French new wave/synth-pop project of Robin Poligné, aka ROUGE GORGE “Les profondeurs” from the upcoming album “René” on dokidoki
  • Perth, Australia post-punk/art-pop musician and member of psych-pop band Methyl Ethel, Lyndon Blue “Hold Music” new single
  • Cincinnati, Ohio darkwave/post-punk solo project of Avery Stanken, aka SMILEGROUP “Left alone” from debut “Entaglement” EP
  • Geneva, Switzerland based EBM/synth-pop/minimal synth project by Waving Hands founder Laurène Exposito aka EYE – ”Time To Display” from the forthcoming sophomore album “Metamujer” on Knekelhuis
  • Berlin-based dark ambient/coldwave/darkwave/post-punk project of Anna Nin (aka None), aka Glaring “Delusion” from the new cassette EP “Insomnie” via Squall Recordings
  • The Hague, Netherlands one-woman dark synth project Dim Garden – “Fiery Deluge”                                               
  • Monterrey, Mexico goth/post-punk band WINTER BONES “Forever” title track from the debut album
  • Brooklyn, NY experimental/no wave/post-punk duo, Parlor Walls “Lunchbox” from the new single ‘Lunchbox / Spinning Gold’ from the “Heavy Tongue” LP due out Feb 2020 on Famous Swords
  • Boulazac, France post-punk / coldwave solo project, Without Emotion “Of All The Things We’ve Made” (OMD Cover)                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Phoenix, AZ coldwave/new wave/post-punk/ dark alternative electronic band Bella Lune ‘Charade’ title-track from Bella Lune’s 6th album ‘Stardust’
  • Detroit, MI experimental/indie/psychedelic/garage/gothic rock/post-punk 5-piece BLUEFLOWERS “After The Circus” from the new EP “Relapse”
  • French coldwave / post-punk duo FOLLOW ME NOT ”Walls” from forthcoming album “Vanishing Smile” on Unknown Pleasures
  • London, UK based indie post-punk quartet Cross Wires ”Replicas” from the vinyl debut album ”A Life Extinct” via Culture War Records
  • German post-punk foursome from Leipzig, STATIC MEANS “Symptoms” from “Static Means / Dividing Lines” Split EP
  • Italian raw post-punk band from Rome, EDUCATION “A New Self” from the debut album “Culture” on Symphony of destruction
  • Brest, Bretagne anarcho post-punk band LITOVSK “Voorjaar” from V/A Maxi 12″ EP with ‘DOUCHE FROIDE / LITOVSK / BARREN? / ALARM’ on Symphony of destruction
  • UK post-punk/darkwave splinter project by Klaus Devore from Nottingham, CLAUSTRAPHOBIA “Constantine (demo)”                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Leipzig, Germany DIY death rock/post-punk 5-piece Dividing Lines “Die alone” from “Static Means / Dividing Lines” Split EP
  • Richmond, Virginia post-punk/punk 4-piece Sensual World “Don’t You See?” from “Feeling Wild” LP on Stupid Bag Records
  • Russia lo-fi/post-punk side-project of Ploho frontman, BITCEVSKY PARK “Позитивный вайб” from new EP “Бессмертные люди”
  • Dance-punk/goth/post-punk band from San Antonio, TX, PHANTOM “Blood” from “Demo Album”                              
  • Poznań, Poland post-punk/coldwave/synthpop one-man project of Michał L., aka Killed To Death “Krzyże Na Wietrze” from the new album “Wszystko Minęło”
  • Oslo, Norway deathrock/post-punk four-piece band BATBONER “Ikon” first single from upcoming album.
  • Bielefeld, Germany gothic rock band REPTYLE “Bless the dead” off 3-Track Split 7″ with THE HOUSE OF USHER
  • Italian alt/industrial/post-punk solo project SPZkr “Tutto Normale”                                                                              
  • London-based French electronic synth-punk/post-punk duo Zeropolis “Your Life” from forthcoming ltd. vinyl mini-LP on FDH records
  • California‘s goth/industrial/electronic/darkwave artist Fornicata “Separation” from the new mini-album “Cynic”
  • San Diego, CA industrial/doom-synth/post-punk/dark electronic project of Alejandro Alvarez, aka Mood Of A Sinner “Last Temptation” from the debut cassette album “Crown Of Whores”.
  • Detroit, Mi electronic/post-punk/synth-pop project COMFORT CURE “Sheet Lust” from new EP “Intimate Vocabulary”
  • Melbourne, Australia post-punk/darkwave/EBM solo project HACKITT “Wires” first single from upcoming debut LP “Hands In The Dark”
  • Athens, Greek minimal synth/synthpop/synth-punk act, Γεμάτος Αράχνες,Ρε Φίλε! ‘Πλατεία Βάθης’ from S/T cassette album
  • Marseille, France EBM/synth-punk project of Simple Music Experience co-founder and member of Violent Quand on Aime, Théo Delaunay (also Panoptique and half of Succhiamo), aka Constance Chlore “Barbelés” from “KECS04” on Kess Kill
  • Greek analogue electronic solo project of Nick K. Maldoror (a.k.a. Nick Kapantzakis, one half of Human Puppets & Dislocation Genders, also member of Plexiglas), aka CONVEX MODEL “Nie Frei (alt. version)” early track featuring Stavroula Tsiara (vocals/lyrics)
  • East-Westfalian Synth-Minimal-Electro project from the Dynamic Master Jens P., RUN: “Lichtblitz” from sophomore LP “Visionen”
  • Greek dark electronics /analogue synth project of Toxic Razor (Beatbox Machinery, Eerie Sopor, Paradox Obscur), METAL DISCO “Ola De Frío Está Muerta” from the forthcoming “Banger” EP on his own Werkstatt Recordings
  • Barcelona-based Ukrainian cold synth electronic producer (one half of BLCK NOIR), JULIA BONDAR “Fame” from forthcoming album “Top Hits” on Unknown Pleasures Records
  • Asheville, North Carolina darkwave/post-punk 5-piece SECRET SHAME “Calm (XOR remix)”
  • London, UK coldwave/darkwave project lead by James Burgess, STATIC PALM “The Modern World” from the forthcoming debut album                                                                                                                                           
  • Latvian new wave/coldwave/post-punk duo from Riga, Plenērs – “Kādas dzīves bojāeja” from V/A “Skalbe. Dzirnavās” on Nabamusic
  • Ukrainian post-punk / coldwave outfit from Kyiv, ICY MEN “Тусклый свет / Low light” (unreleased) from V/A “ZEITGEIST VOL. 10 – A COLD TRANSMISSION compilation” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • German post-punk band from Hamburg, SEE MORE GLASS “Season In Hell” off 2-track promo single from forthcoming 2020 debut album.
  • French goth/coldwave/post-punk project from Paris, CONTRE SOIREE “Inner Fire” 2-track-single
  • Münster, Germany NDW/synthwave/post-punk disbanded act TON8 “Dein Blick in der Discotheque” from upcoming unreleased S/T album [20082014] on Young And Cold Records/Damaged Goods
  • L.A. based Wesley Eisold‘s synthwave /synthpop project COŁD CAVE “Our Tears Help the Flowers Grow” from the expanded deluxe gatefold 2XLP reissue of 2009 classic LP “Love Comes Close (Deluxe Edition)” on Heartworm Press
  • Darkwave project from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, GROTTA “Бремя/Burden”
  • Montreal, Canada dark synth/minimal synth/synthwave project NO “Cancel”                                                      
  • Los Angeles, CA new wave /minimal synth /synth-pop act Image Of Life “Forgotten Dead” from the new LP “Attended By Silence” out now on Kernkrach Schallplatten
  • Melbourne, Australia DIY industrial/coldwave/darkwave/post-punk trio BANISH “Tristan da Cunha” from the forthcoming debut album “Control Yourself”
  • London-based cult 80s indie rock/goth rock/post-punk/dark pop 4-piece The Snake Corps “She’ll Rise” new single
  • Hamburg, Germany Post-punk/Minimal Wave/Cold Wave duo VIRGIN TEARS ” Silver Death Rope” from the EP “The Beauty of Broken People” through Reptile Music
  • Los Angeles deathrock/post-punk 4-piece THE WRAITH “Wing of Night” off upcoming debut LP “Gloom Ballet”
  • Lyon, France dark punk/post-punk trio BLAKNESS “The Closing Door” from the forthcoming debut album “Functionally Extinct” out December 6th on Destructure, Sabotage and Icy Cold Records.
  • Swedish post-punk/new wave/darkwave band fronted by Karolina Engdahl, TRUE MOON “My Revolution” from the sophomore album ‘II’ on Lövely Records
  • Bristol, UK goth/post-punk band NAUT “Spirit Horses” from 3-track EP “Semele”
  • German electro-pop/synth-pop duo from Berlin and Frankfurt, SEND/DELETE “Carrots and Sticks” from debut EP “Royalties”
  • Madison, WI darkwave/electronic/industrial rock band Sensuous Enemy “Paradox” from “Rebirth” EP on Distortion Productions
  • L.A. industrial/synth-pop/goth-pop band of Actually Huizenga (“Predator Romantic”) and Andrew Means (3Teeth), aka Patriarchy “He Took It Out” from the album “Asking For It” on Dero Arcade
  • Russian post-industrial/synth-rock trio from St. Petersburg, Disciplina Medicina “Stolen Voice” new single
  • Puebla, Mexico dark synthpop solo project SUNDATA “Steal My Heart”
  • Moscow/Koenigsberg dream pop/synthpop duo thewalkingicon “W.O.Y.S.” new single
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia darkwave/synthpop project by composer, musician, and singer Katia Kozina, UNCA MAU “My fire went out”
  • Brooklyn, NY experimental art-punk band featuring members the defunct post-punk project Pill and electronic/art-rock combo Eaters, P.E. – “Top Ticket” from the debut ”Person” LP out March 6, 2020 on Wharf Cat Records
  • Moscow-based electronic synth-pop/dream pop /post-punk/new wave project of Dmitry Gruber (aka Hjördis-Britt Åström), Galatée “Ce Soir” off of the new EP “La Meilleure Chose Qui Me Soit Arrivée”

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