WL//WH Video Of The Day: BELLA LUNE “Silver Lining”

Video Of The Day  BELLA LUNE

Phoenix, AZ based Dream Pop/Dark Wave DJ duo Bella Lune, comprised of Hurley (Bass & Guitar) and Fuchsia (Guitar, Vocals/Lyrics & Programming), have been exploring, with the support of other musicians, the dreamy realm of Ethereal Gothic Romanticism since 2007.  After releasing seven full-length albums, the last “Stardust” in 2019, the band are back into the current year with a couple of singles, the just dropped latest one is the haunting yet soothing “Silver Lining”, accompanied by a spellbinding DIY video. 

“The last couple of years have been hard for so many people. This song reminds us to find the value in all of life’s events, especially the toughest ones.” Bella Lune

Modern dystopic poetry juxtaposes dark and light by depicting a pair struggling to transcend into the “Silver Lining” of warmth, comfort, and safety as fear and uncertainty implode society around them.

Immersive, magnetic, and mesmeric textures inspire an organically deep pulsing bassline and steady punchy beats to drive through a lysergic plane of glistening, yet harsh poignant and haunted guitar melodies, cast in distant dim and icy synth twinkles to soothe the fearful angst of soft, and evocative celestial vocals, floating atmospheric and breathless into intoxicating waves of mind-opening sonic infusions.

Cool, mystical auras billow dreamy fantasy through a distressing influx of systemic emergency-inducing visuals. Blurry trace overlays and cloudy neon hues project depth defying dimensions over an intimate performance to calm the mind’s eye of subconscious programming as transition scenes assault the senses with sensationalist global Disturbia thus reminding those who dwell in the chaos that there is always a “Silver Lining.”

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