WL//WH Track Of The Day: VAPORMOON “The Path”

Track Of The Day VAPORMOON

Hailing from Cherbourg in the North of France, Vapormoon is a Gothic-Rock / Post-Punk one-man band, who, fresh from releasing his eponymous debut 4-track EP, replete with resonant drum programming, seething reverb-filled shoegazey guitars, moody basslines, and swirling keyboard epic melancholy, augmented by deep doom-laden vocalizations, in which stands out the poignant brooding melodicism of “Nostalgia”.

The French artist follows in the same vein of churning gloomy emotionality and haunting romanticism with the new song, “The Path.”

Vapormoon‘s most passionate and full-bodied song so far, imbued with stirring and dirgey cinematic flourishes, “The Path” unleashes thundering drum beats, rumbling bass lines, sad, sinister synth melodies, and droning wistful swipes of guitar, to compel dramatic shapeshifting vocals, juxtaposing emotional baritone broods with angsty, distressed cries, into the intense dire vibrancy of an arcane gothic tragedy.

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